Varre, Varre, Vassourinha

Continuing the partnership of Proa with the ad agency Marta Lima Communication to create content and propose values that aggregate culture to the final product and the brand, it was created to the customers of Vital Environmental Engineering, Emlurb and Recife City Hall the Varre, Varre, Vassourinha. The purpose of this project was to create the campaign of the urban cleaning plan of the City Hall, bringing to it cultural values through the creativity. Proa idealized and articulated the campaign strategy and elaboration. Culture as a marketing tool was the starting point, aligning it to the purposes of the companies. The project included the creation of a jingle using the popular song Vassourinhas – the jingle was broadcasted on radios and on public spaces where Carnival party was happening. There was a cultural contest to create the campaign’s mascot on the official website of the campaign,; the new trucks of the city public urban cleaning with the new mascot Vassourinhas were presented to the mayor, João da Costa; campaign materials as well as flyers and posters were drafted; and press office. cartaz do concurso mascote vassourinha