Pixel Show Recife

In partnership with Zupi Design and Nuvem Productions, Proa brought to Recife, in July 2001, the largest design and art event of Brazil, the Pixel Show, which had more than eight editions in São Paulo. Proa valued the innovation and interactive proposal of the event, that brings speakers from Brazil and Spain to discuss art and design, and was supported by Porto Digital to discuss Creative Economy. During two days of Pixel Show, more than 2 thousand people showed up in the free art and tendencies fair and more than 400 students and professionals participated in the conferences. There were 10 conferences about Comic Books, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Games, Interaction Design, Web, Creative Economy and Interactivity. The event happened in the Conventions Centre of Pernambuco and brought a public interested in discussing art and design but also, on top of all, to keep in touch with news projects and global tendencies related with the possibilities of the local market.

Watch the video of Pixel Show Recife 2011:

See the photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=169120026482377