Instituto Carvalheira - ICAR

The Carvalheira Institut – ICAR, was founded in 2011 by the Cachaçaria Carvalheira directors, family members and specialists, and its focus was  on the wide promotion of culture, defense and preservation of cultural heritage of Sugar Civilization in its different manifestations, mainly on crafts, gastronomy, architecture and including restoration and conservation, fashion and costumes, dance and music, but also its historical and contemporary production techniques related to sugar products and the relationship existing on it. Proa sails in this partnership to command ICAR cultural projects. The first project was the I Cultura de Engenho, in October 2011. The event, focused on gastronomy, brought more than ten sugar cane mills from Pernambuco to expose their stories, the tourist potential and their typical foods. With conferences, artistic interventions, school activities, and antiquity fair, the Cultura de Engenho attracted about 1.500 visitants and provided a sample of the history of the sugar and cachaça cycle on the Cachaçaria Carvalheira space. Others projects focused on music, fashion and museum are in progress. The project Musealização da Cachaçaria Carvalheira has the purpose of transforming a place in the neighborhood of Boa viagem in a cachaça institut, where tourists and residents from Recife can have a new sensorial experience of cultural immersion and discovery of the sugar universe.