I Festival Humor na Feira

Contadores de causos e Proa

In 2010, working with the company Cia de Eventos, Proa idealized the Festival Humor na Feira. It brought to the Expoidea 2010 – The Future Fair: Technology, Sustainability and Culture the integration of technology and sustainability with popular culture, especially through technology. The festival showed works of artists that were also available on YouTube as well as on the official website of Expoidea. To introduce public and participants to this universe, Proa planned and organized during two weekends a scenery of a popular street market in Moeda Street, where artists from Sertão region, from Bahia and Pernambuco told popular stories with humour and spontaneously. The place created was a typical scenery of small cities from the Northeast culture. It blended popular culture to the urban context of the Future Fair. As a way to promote and encourage the artists, in the last day of the event Proa awarded the Ariano Suassuna Trophy to the artist who was most applauded and most voted in the internet during the five days of the event. The winner was Reinivaldo Pinheiro, The Believer. In addition, the public enjoyed the Fim de Feira concert as well as craft, literature, and typical Northeast foods.

Watch the video of Humor na Feira: